Randa Maroufi

The Park

2015 – 14 min


It starts with the sound. Informations on the radio about the dissemination of violent images on social networks.

The sound broadcasted on the radio about the violences in Casablanca, and the search for suspects, is in the foreground, if we can say so of a sound. Apart from the voice of the journalist, the surrounding noise is almost absent. This sound is so much reduced that we can almost hear the sound of the air. Not even the wind, barely the birds. The camera then enters in a park and focuses on youth lying among ancient remains attractions. The characters are frozen as mimes, the camera rotates silently around those human statues. The camera, the actors, the environment, everything is quiet. Intermittently we have news about the ongoing investigation through the voice of journalists on the radio.

Shot in long takes, we walk in a quiet park, static, with only movement existing the one of the camera. Without being lifeless, and even on the contrary, the vitality that emerges from the characters, and the interpretation we make of it, exists only by the informations provided by the radio.
This confrontation of violence suggested by the sound to an image soften by the processing and the direction, offers Randa Maroufi’s work the peculiarity of her committed work.

Besides the excellent work of staging, the work on the soundtrack is notable for its editing and the choice it holds by its absence.

Randa Maroufi excels on another level, she make us doubt about the veracity or the fictionality of her film.



HMM_RandaMaroufi_photo2 HMM_RandaMaroufi_photo3 HMM_RandaMaroufi_photo4photos: ©Le Fresnoy



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